What the guys are currently up to…

We know it’s been a while since you heard what we’re up to these days…rest assured, we often text and talk to each other about getting together soon to make more music. We’re just not sure when! Grant is in Eau Claire with his wife and 3 kids, doing a one-year residency as a Chaplain Resident in a local hospital, along with pursuing his 2nd masters degree from Bethel Seminary. A busy guy. Jonny is also in Eau Claire, being Jonny, living the married life and raising 2 cats and a huge dog. Colin is in Eau Claire, recently married, roasting coffee and being generally the kindest person in the world. John is in Minneapolis, has just welcomed a new baby boy into the world, and is busy being a husband and new dad, along with being a musical wunderkind. Clark is also in Minneapolis, recently engaged, working hard at his church, and basically guitar-god-ing it up everywhere he goes.

Like I said, we’re so busy and spread out right now that I can’t make any promises on timing, but with the events of this past year for many of us, I have a strong feeling that given enough time in the near future, it will lead to more ideas for music being fleshed out and making their way to you eventually. I’ve got about 80 ideas that I’ve been tinkering with. The inspiration is there, but the time isn’t…yet. Stay tuned!

Last thing: A huge thank-you to all who have continued to discover our music. The album is a couple years old, but we think it holds up well, full of timeless passion, depth, and truth. Thank you for following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and for letting us know when the music connects with and moves you. Keep spreading the dust!